Forefathers – Livin’ it Up North

Forefathers full debut EP “Livin’ it up North” released by Mango Disco Records is out now available in all major platforms including Spotify.
EP Launch Party video below!

“The EP titled Living it Up’ takes you from politically powerful, but also positive tunes like Gentrifination aka Rise With Me, combined with the more emotive and more personal “Afrobeaten”, and “Respectfully Sexually”

“Excellent” Amaya (Alex del Mango’s Mother)

EP Launch Party

Adventures recording the EP

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During our gigs and events we encourage our Mango family to donate directly to one of our partner charities. To make this easier and more transparent for all of you we have included below a quick description of the charities we work with and a quick link to their donate pages. Be Tropical! Give Tropical!

Doctors without Borders (MSF)

MSF medical teams act fast to save people’s lives in conflict zones, natural disasters and epidemics.  Donate Direct Link

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The relief of those who are seeking refuge and are in conditions of need, hardship or distress. The advancement of the education of the public, and organisations (statutory and voluntary) to assist the inclusion of such inhabitants into the wider community. Donate Direct Link

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Amnesty International

Working to protect women, men and children wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied. As a global movement of over 7 million people, Amnesty International is the world’s largest grassroots human rights organisation. Donate Direct Link

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Irise International

Irise work is currently based in East Africa and focuses on developing a  replicable and sustainable solution to the challenges girls face engaging in school during menstruation. Donate Direct Link

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Mango Disco presents “King Lagoon’s Flying Swordfish Dance Band – European Tour 2017

Hola Amigo!

Mango Disco is proud to be bringing this summer the “King Lagoon Flying Swordfish Dance Band” European Tour 2017. With dates confirmed in Paris, Amsterdam, Belgium and London this May we are now taking bookings for the rest of the summer and early 2018. The King Lagoon will be presenting throughout the tour their brand new groundbreaking album “The Golden Lagoon”

With a multi-sensory, tropical-psychedelic extravaganza, The Flying Swordfish create a spectacle that audiences never forget! Having performed in the most important venues and festival worldwide King Lagoon know how to create a unique experience blending live aroma-making, costumes and projections with their original mixture of Afro-Latin sounds.

Click on the image below to go straight to a video. Also, here is a demonstration of how the band like to finish the show:
Email Alex Rocca: for bookings

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to put on one of the most incredible live acts ever existed in this planet!!


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Mango Disco Japan Tour 2017

We are extremely excited to announce our Japan Tour 2017, where we are going to take the best Sounds from Planet Earth (and beyond) to the most important capital cities and venues across the country’s beautiful geography. Starting in Kyoto with chill session in Kamigyio-Ku, followed by an international Vibes Crossover gig in Osaka with special guests including legend Cervo (from Banana Hill) and finalizing with an epic night in Tokyo putting on our first huge line up in the Japanese capital, hosting an incredibly tropical and avant-garde blast of a night in Shimokitazawa, one of the coolest district of the city.

Poster from our Tokyo envent in Shimokitazawa (with local legend GO KIUCHI)

Like with all our events and nights we will be raising awareness and funds for one of our partner charities in this case MSF Japan. You can donate directly through their fundraising page here

There’s no tropical fun without giving a bit to those who need it more than us!

Poster from our OSAKA event 

Like always we will be open for some local vinyl digging sessions specially exploring Japanese boogie and rare compilations from the 80s and hopefully we will be visiting some local studios in Tokyo near Shimokitazawa to do a live radio show “on the zone” and do some recordings with local artists.. we might even have some time to explore around! Video and more info coming!!

Dont’ forget to check out our new International Soundclash Funraising page and please stay tune emailing any questions or details at


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Belgrade Balkan Soundsystem (Mango Disco)

One of the latest Mango Disco label projects the BELGRADE BALKAN SOUNDSYSTEM was founded by UK world music pioneer Alex del Mango and vintage Balkan music connoisseur Mariquilla La Fantastica. Followed by years of living and travelling across Eastern Europe developing relationships with local artists and musicians the collective was created to share with Europe’s club culture and festivals a carefully selected compilation of unique vintage tunes acquired from old stores and private record collections of Belgrade, Budapest, Sarajevo, Bucharest and Easter Europe’s finest underground balkan scenes.

The BELGRADE BALKAN SOUNDSYSTEM have played in major Europe festivals as well as some of the finest Bristol, Sheffield and London clubs transporting their unique blend of Balkan music to a club culture environment blending bass, cumbia, drum and bass, hip hop and funk with traditional Eastern European music.


Alex del Mango (MANGO DISCO)

+44(0) 7815448299


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Let’s all do the Anarchist (Feminist) Boogie!

I first met Siobhan (lead singer and frontperson of Forefathers) nearly 6 years ago when we both shared a coach heading towards “Bess-Tival” a rare charity music festival that local legend Chris Luigi Jones used to organise near Devon.

I remember we clicked instantly. The long coach journey to Devon turned into a humous and buckfast sharing party where we discussed arts, politics, and music. More importantly, we got to know each other at a personal level.  I have to say that I have met great people in my life, but it is rare for me to connect with someone that quickly. I knew I was in front of someone special, someone that had a lot to say.

At that time we were chasing new folk sounds, Siobhan with Brave New Storm and myself with The Mother Folkers, both heavily infuenced by the new wave of americana and folk artists that shook the beginning of the decade in America (Grizzly Bear, Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom). During the weekend we shared stage, drinks, food, back-stage, room and even bed (well, in this case floor) with four other people. I remember that I left the festival thinking that I had made a friend for the rest of my life.

After Bess-Tival we both carried on with our folk music projects for a while. I left Mother Folkers after a year, radically switching to world music and starting Mango Rescue Team, while Brave New Storm signed with a small label, and toured around the UK for some time.  Not sharing folk gigs anymore it was hard for us to keep in touch.

forefathers studio

Fortunately, Sheffield as a city is exceptionally good at keeping people connected. It’s a city big enough to have a diversity of art and cultural scenes but not too big that these scenes become a silo and don’t engage, merge or interact with each other. I genuinely believe this is the secret formula behind the amazing art produced in this city, from Pulp, to the Black Dog, or more recently from Al Zanders to K.O.G and the Zongo Brigade – creativity at the core of community development.

Siobhan contacted me over a year ago to discuss a project that she had in mind – “Forefathers”, a new Funk band with hints of African, Reggae and Soul music. She was tired of hanging out in open mic nights and folk festivals and the introspection behind the Brave New Storm songwriting process was killing her inside. I obviously liked the idea when she first pitched it to me and I told her that I would support the band with gigs, bookings and wherever I could. But it wasn’t until I saw them in action that I realised the amazing musical project Forefathers was about to become.

Let’s be clear, when I say amazing I don’t mean perfect classically trained or skilled musicians. I don’t mean a band that has spent thousands of hours in the studio trying to get tight or incredibly slick rhythm and guitar sections that would impress Tony Allen or Pat Metheny.

No, I am talking about authenticity, about artistic expression of the self: for me it’s amazing to find something that doesn’t exist out there, that is unique. And I know when to recognise a diamond in the rough. Whether polished or not polished, diamonds are diamonds.

Forefathers’ songwriting is utterly unique. When you think about a band primarily formed by women, with a strong feminist and lefty-anarchist songwriting style you can think of many examples, but the stereotypes inevitably push you towards the direction of punk and hardcore punk bands.

forefathers 1

Forefathers approach songwriting in a different way. There’s a bit of anger, but its Fela Kuti anger. There’s committed political standpoints, but they are smart Bob Dylan committed political standpoints. There’s humour combined with life experiences and feelings, but its Tom Waits or The Smiths type of humour and feelings.

I remember in an interview Morrissey highlighted the impact the New York Dolls have had in his career. After the New York Dolls, rock and roll was never a macho game anymore, and they opened the doors for other great artist to shine. Like the New York Dolls, Forefathers bring a new standpoint, linked to a traditional popular genre. They bring anarcho-femisism to 80s Soul and Funk, or in other words they make punk you can dance to or have joy with. Speaking to a few band members recently about this concept I was surprised at their humbleness:  I sometimes wonder if they even realise how great they are.

I remember a few colleagues in the scene highlighted to me a few times when I booked them in the early days that the band wasn’t solid enough for big gigs. I couldn’t really care less, because I could see through the artificial walls built by instrumentalist musicians, for instrumentalist musicians. I could see the people that were writing the music, I could connect with what they wanted to say.

Like in tribal music, like in blues, the music these guys were starting to produce had to be made, it was raw and it had life. Were they polished and tight? Probably not, but The Beatles weren’t either until they came back from their intense time practicing and playing Germany, and probably even later some of them never achieved instrumental excellence. I tend not to trust the little instrumentalist musician that is left in me these days. I trust my heart and my gut feeling.

forefathers mango disco

Forefathers first EP will be released on Mango Disco records on16th of March 2017 just before Siobhan depart into a long journey around the world (who knows if she will come back and what crazy tunes she would have written – we just she does come back for the good of our vibrant music community).

The EP titled Living it Up’ takes you from politically powerful, but also positive tunes like Gentrifination aka Rise With Me, combined with the more emotive and more personal “Afrobeaten”, and “Respectfully Sexually”. I really don’t want to spoil the piece of work by analysing the tunes, as in my view they need no analysis. It has been produced to enjoy them, use them, rip them off, play them over and over again, and let their messages get deep into your soul and spirit.

For the production of the album we have partnered once again with the local genius Maldini manNick Cox. The most healthiest, happiest, and at the same time slightly insane in a good way producer. We’ve chosen Yellow Arch studios because we wanted to get the raw vibe the band expressed live, while keeping good quality and intensity in the production. The process has been really enjoyable and end results simply follow what we had in mind – a fresh, easy listening expression of the raw energy behind the Forefathers storm.

We are living in times where xenophobia, sexism, racism and nationalism unfortunately are back in the public domain. But we are also living in times where we need to outsmart our really smart enemies, and not take a confrontational or passive aggressive approach. We need to shine with positivity, community spirit and doing good. Yet not let the xenophobe have their moment of glory by fighting them back with their aggressive weapons.  We need to drive change by giving a positive example of what we want to see in the world.

Forefathers represent this and much more than this. They represent the anger we all have at the moment, but they represent that anger with a positive message (the Alan Deadman way), with a drop of hope that if we all push together we can change perceptions, we can change the world. Forefathers represent past, present and future. Forefathers represent change.

Are you ready to make a wake up in the morning and make a positive impact in the world?

Let’s all do the anarchist (feminist) boogie!

Written by Alex del Mango (Founder at Mango Disco, Transportation Tycoon and above average player at Rock-Paper-Scissors)


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Fresh Mango Release: Lucho Bermudez – Gaita De Las Flores (Mango Disco Edit)

Hold the phone! There has been talk of it for some time and it’s finally happened. Yes, amigos, the first Mango Disco edit is here.

This is the first of a series of edits and remixes that we are releasing. Check it out now on Soundcloud, and keep your eyes peeled for more!

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Le Grand Bal Tropical: Mango Disco and Groovalizacion at L’ailimentation Générale

Mango Disco recently had the pleasure of joining forces with the Groovalizacion team for our first international night in the heart of cosmopolitan Paris.

Groovalizacion, powered by the tour-de-force that is Tony Groova, have been throwing hugely successful parties all around Europe.

We were therefore absolutely delighted to join up for a big night in Paris, at the famous L’ailimentation Générale for Le Grand Bal Tropical.

The night kicked off with the amazingly skilled Tukano, French-Colombians that make funky cumbia.

Mango Rescue Team took things to the next level, unleashing new material that really set things off.

DJ Alex del Mango and DJ Cucurucho rounded things off with some sizzling reggaeton.

Make sure to check out Groovalizacion’s curated radio station for some amazing global sounds. Groovalizacion host a great selection of DJs and artists from around the world, and we love putting on nights with them.