Mango Disco presents “King Lagoon’s Flying Swordfish Dance Band – European Tour 2017

Hola Amigo!

Mango Disco is proud to be bringing this summer the “King Lagoon Flying Swordfish Dance Band” European Tour 2017. With dates confirmed in Paris, Amsterdam, Belgium and London this May we are now taking bookings for the rest of the summer and early 2018. The King Lagoon will be presenting throughout the tour their brand new groundbreaking album “The Golden Lagoon”

With a multi-sensory, tropical-psychedelic extravaganza, The Flying Swordfish create a spectacle that audiences never forget! Having performed in the most important venues and festival worldwide King Lagoon know how to create a unique experience blending live aroma-making, costumes and projections with their original mixture of Afro-Latin sounds.

Click on the image below to go straight to a video. Also, here is a demonstration of how the band like to finish the show:
Email Alex Rocca: for bookings

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to put on one of the most incredible live acts ever existed in this planet!!


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